Thursday, July 8, 2010

Witness Along the Trinity

I am still pondering the events I witnessed/experienced last month at the RPT Convention.

The older part of downtown Dallas, site of the convention, sits along the unpredictable Trinity River. The wide, muddy creek known as the Trinity was a flood hazard to old Dallas up until levees were built and the city fathers wised up. Others, like an early 19th Century French socialist compound known as "La Reunion," managed to stay dry along the river, only to starve to death.

The specific event that I continue to reflect on was not the unequivocal change in leadership from hand-picked Cathie Adams (who I voted for on the floor) to decided-to-do-it Steve Munisteri, but the odd yet cohesive isolation my SD seemed to have when it came to supporting Adams. Our lopsided delegation vote in favor of Adams was in sharp contrast to the tallies of the other SDs. It was unique in its near-unanimous support of her. Why was this? Cathie has as many, if fewer, friends in SD2 as she does anywhere else, and she doesn't live anywhere near it.

Still thinking...

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