Friday, July 16, 2010

Christian Conservatives and American Politics: The Next Twenty Years

CHARACTER POSITION NUMBER FOUR: Don't be afraid to speak out when sin is evident on another issue

The toughest arrow that Republicans have had the hardest time deflecting in all of American history is that we’re the party of big business, of bankers and greed. But we blew it two years ago during bailout mania.

Conservative Christians don’t need to be afraid to defend policies which support family wealth and financial independence; but we must apply even more zeal in speaking out against things like greed. By doing so, we have opportunities to explain what greed really is, as opposed to letting Marxists define it and whip up the populace.

We have to be more articulate on our defense policies, too. The whole reason David Petraeus is where he is is because he is a leader in military-based nation building. The nation and we as Christians got all confused on this after the messy experience in Somalia. We have struggled to better understand what our perspective on foreign policy should be since the athiestic Soviets were defeated, Muslim extremism notwithstanding. I love our troops, but I like clear, winnable military objectives that keep our country safe even better.

Christians have got to expand their repertoire on the issues - we have all the answers to anything life can throw at us in God’s word. It is unwise to rely on others in the party to think and lead in this area, to acquiesce to someone else’s perspective which may lack similar faith values.

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