Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Signature #25,674,681

We've been having some cyber adventures this week with Micah H.'s petition to the White House to allow Texas to secede.  I do not know Micah H.  I did, however, sometime when were back in the 19,000s, notice a "Trey B.," but he was from Cedar Hill, which is roughly 60 miles to the southwest of me.  Micah H. holds the either certifiable or heroic -- depending on your point of view -- Signature #1 on the petition.  He's either the first patient in the asylum to scream or the Samuel Adams of the state.  I wonder if he and his 103,736 (as of this writing) fellow cantakeriots realize that via their email, they have eagerly done the Obama Administration's work for them of creating a database of subversives.  Don't let the four simple fields fool you; by signing in to the We the People website to sign on, your email and the IP address that got you there now mean there is absolutely no escape for you, your family, or that dog of yours with the heavy carbon footprint.

The secession petition is legitimate protest, however.  Millions of freedom-loving Americans are still stunned over what happened last week - but not over Obama's status quo reelection.  We are reeling from the contest's symbolic shift of America's descent into irresponsibility.  Columnist S.E. Cupp attempted to downplay this great conspiracy by the 47% by going on about how conservatives need to explain themselves better.  Not possible given the current educational system, I'm sorry.  To quote Ann Coulter, It's over.

But that's OK.  If you're a Christian, see my last post so that you don't despair.  There is also reason not to despair if you just a good ol' red-blooded American, too.  But secession is not the answer.  It should only seriously be considered if you have the chance to be Signature #25,674,681 (this figure is the 2011 population of Texas).  If you are this signature, we have already formed the Army of the Republic of Texas.  Please report to your nearest recruiting station.  Every man, woman and child will need a gun.

Seriously though, there is a Ghandiesque flavor to the secession petition.  It kinda fits in the "first they ignore/then they ridicule/then they fight" mixture.  We'll see how long the White House takes to respond.  With the exceptions of Georgia and Florida, which were sill close to the 25,000 signature threshold at press time, only the Texas petition cries out to be answered.  I'm not expecting much, though, outside of a boilerplate response that the petition was received with subtle instructions to replace one's sheets back on to one's bed.

I don't need to expect much, either.  Nor do I need to.  My goal is to take care of myself and my family and focus on my neighbor.  I believe steadfastly in the power of conservative principles to help my neighbor care for himself, but the onus is ultimately on me as a follower of God to convey those principles.  Any document that comes my way better not require a signature that commits me to anything less.

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